Mia Togo

Mia is the real deal. A strong, powerful, clear woman who has and continues to walk the walk all the way to the talk. Her teaching springs from an uncommon commitment to all aspects of the science of yoga. Mia is my dynamic practice mentor, and for good reason - She’s a self-professed anatomy geek and her teaching is rooted in a deep understanding of alignment coupled with self-awareness, breath and joy. Mia stresses personal accountability, inclusion, listening to your inner voice and when necessary, pushing through in spite of fear and self-doubt. Mia’s currently living and teaching in London with her husband, Jan and their two lovely dogs.


Jillian Pransky

Jillian is a true force for calm and relaxation in this world and her teaching is deeply reflected in my own work. A student of and collaborator with Pema Chödrön for over two decades, Jillian infuses her work with mindfulness practices, compassion, humor and grace. Jillian seamlessly weaves body, mind, and spirit practices while aligning with nature and the environment, creating an integrated healing experience. Jillian is the director of Restorative Therapeutic Yoga teacher training for YogaWorks and is a guest teacher at many renowned holistic learning centers including Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health and the Omega Institute.


John Gaydos

John’s quiet demeanor belies a deep enthusiasm for all aspects of yoga. His soft-spoken, gentle nature springs from a fierce commitment to every limb of yoga and life. John’s gift is nurturing new students, seniors and people with challenges in the practice. He puts everyone at ease, allowing each person an opportunity to grow & heal regardless of how they show up. I seek out his teaching whenever I’m in need of a gentle reset to my practice. So whether you're yoga-curious or you have a more mature practice, John helps you keep it on the rails.


Julie Dohrman

A sprite of a woman with an easy, infectious smile, Julie Dohrman is not to be underestimated. Julie was my first “real” yoga teacher, introducing me to the alignment and heart opening of her Anusara practice. In the intervening years of study and practice Julie has evolved and developed her signature style, “Align & Flow.” Teaching from the heart with solid foundations in anatomy, alignment, breath and spirit Julie's classes attract a throng of devoted practitioners in NYC. Julie is a true force for yoga, always seeking with an open heart and mind.


Baron Baptiste

In 2002 I spent a month with Baron in Death Valley shooting his book, 40 Days to Personal Revolution. Baron is a famous yogi, yet his humility was an unexpected treat compared to the “attitude” I’d been accustomed to as a NYC photographer and assistant. Immersed in the deep quiet and solitude of Death Valley I studied Baptiste’s practice as we spent hours photographing him in shapes I didn’t know existed. As I reflect on it now, Baron’s composure, steadiness and relaxed demeanor had to have been one of the nudges the universe was giving me.