Yoga Finds us When we Need It...

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Twenty years ago I would never have believed it if you walked up to me and said I’d be teaching people how to relax deeply & live vibrantly today. What a shift! And thank everyone and everything that I’m here today able to share this work because back when my yoga journey started I was pretty dinged up. My hips and knees ached. I was anxious, stressed out and having panic attacks. As an athlete and then a branding & marketing exec in NYC I was addicted to the steady endorphin drip of those hyper-stimulated careers, yet my body and mind were telling me I needed a completely different approach - this caterpillar needed to evolve into a moth, if not a butterfly.

So on one of those unforgettably lovely spring mornings in New York City I strolled into the Equinox not far from my Chelsea loft and straight into a yoga class. Real talk, that beginner’s vinyasa class was humbling, yet I felt a unique energy both during and afterward. Yes, I had become “yoga curious.” 


"It didn’t take long for the dominos of my yoga journey to begin toppling over one-by-one, progressively revealing people, teachers and a path to the completely unexpected place I currently stand - Yoga Seeker, Yoga Teacher."

Don’t get it twisted, my yoga story hasn’t been all “Unicorns & Rainbows.” Since being “discovered” by yoga I’ve had two more knee surgeries, one hernia repair, had malignant melanoma cut out of my head AND three hip replacements in those two decades. I’ve had lots healing, recovery & physical therapy and every time I was laid out by an injury or surgery yoga kept calling me back, meeting me wherever I was at the time. 

So even with all those miles on the odometer, I’m feeling better than I’ve felt in decades, inside and out! And that's just the beginning, since yoga is far more than merely a physical practice. In fact, the poses are a kind of "gateway drug" to achieving a stillness of mind that begins to seep deeply into your life and over time allows you to make space for the things we really need to be in relationship with - the ground that holds us up and the breath that gives us life. To be continued...

my teaching practice

Vinyasa Flow 

Nearly everyone loves the seductive buzz of a great Vinyasa Flow practice...until they get a repetitive stress injury. That’s why I lean on my YogaWorks training, athletic experience and a lifetime of injuries [and recovery] to ground every practice in accurate postural alignment, thoughtful progressive sequencing and breath awareness so the dynamic flow is healthy and sustainable for everyone.



RESToration is Vital! Sometimes you need to slow down, relax, repair and re-imprint your body in order to feel good. The Restorative practice focuses on the connection between alignment, the shapes, and your breath in ways that are gentle to your body and mind.

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Injuries are an inevitable part of life. Through acknowledgement, acceptance and commitment to my yoga practice I've developed a process of healing that strategically rebuilds the spirit, body awareness, strength and flexibility from the inside out.  



I am committed to mindfully living in alignment with my true self and purposefully leaning into things that create discomfort in me if it is in service of the greater good.

I will strive for equanimity and to remain non-reactive in every situation to promote mental and emotional clarity. I will seek out my blind spots, identify my triggers and move toward them in order to continuously seek healing for myself and others.

I will steadfastly evolve my craft and utilize it with inner strength and humility to elevate the conversation and the collective consciousness encouraging empathy, resilience, integration and service.

My thoughts and actions toward others will be rooted in integrity and goodwill. I will embrace truth, fairness, grace, generosity and gratitude.


I will BE my beliefs everyday.